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Northern Southland College is a modern, co-educational Year 7 - 13 school situated in the picturesque Waimea Valley in Southland. Our location offers excellent access to both Queenstown Lakes District and Fiordland World Heritage Park. Our strong rural community offers a safe and supportive environment for young people. NSC has a strong focus on the establishment of positive learning and teaching relationships between staff and students. Our focus on building a supportive family atmosphere, we believe, is a significant factor in our students' high level of success.

One thing you will notice when you visit Northern Southland College will be the very positive and respectful attitude of our students. We are very proud of their willingness to seek new ways to do things and take on new challenges. The College is well known for high levels of sporting and cultural participation.

NSC has developed an ethos that focuses on developing respectful, socially aware and caring individuals through rewarding the positive. Whilst the College still upholds high levels of behavioural expectation and consequence when required, we are highly regarded for the effectiveness of our focus on building on student strengths. NSC has developed this ethos across the whole school as part of the School Wide Positive Behaviour for Learning programme (SWPB4L).

We encourage students to aspire to be the best they can be. In this journey, they should both support each other and accept support from others. The focus is on taking an active and responsible part in College life, their own family/whanau and community.

Our College wide values are:-

  • Respect for Self
  • Respect for Others
  • Respect for Property



Our Students: Supported by a Team

In developing this ethos we understand that our students will be best served in their education through the support of a team. The College, the family/whanau and the community forms the foundation for the most effective learning environment.

We encourage parents and guardians to share in, and be involved in, their child’s education. We also welcome, encourage and will continue to facilitate close relationships between the College and our local community.


Our College: Giving Back

We are aware of the importance of our local communities. We want our students, staff and the College to be aware that being part of a community not only involves receiving support from that community, but also giving to that community. We encourage, support and challenge ourselves to take on roles in local community groups, fundraising efforts, sports, and cultural groups.


Our College: Global Awareness

Students and staff are also encouraged to become globally aware through involvement in such initiatives as the 40 Hour Famine programme, hosting international students, along with attending national and international events.


Supporters and Sponsors

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